MDRRC - II    

Based on a cheap Cortex M3 board (STM32) including touch display and some extra components it is possible to control your digital rail road with DCC (14/28/128 speed steps functions F0..F28) and Maerklin Motorola (15 speed steps and functions F0..F4) locomotive and accesory decoders.

By using the USB interface and S88 bus  MDRRC-II can connect with for example KoploperRocrail or iTrain to control your railroad (automatically). And with a network module it is now also possible to use the Roco Z21 app , Roco WLANMaus or WMC.
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XpressNet Manual Control    

More or less the same as the WMC but now for the XPressnet bus and based on a  STM32 Maple Mini compatible board, the XMC.. PCB costs €4,50 excluding post and package, the SMD RS485 driver and SMD EEPROM chip are included. 

   Wifi Manual Control

Based on a Wemos D1 mini ESP8266 module, display, rotary switch and some buttons a manual control is created for the Roco Z21 protocol. A   PCB is now available, if you are interested send a mail. PCB costs €3.00 excluding PP.