S88 Mega8 

A lot of solutions can be found to build a S88 module. Huib Maaskant for example created the BMD16. The variant on this page describes a vraint with an  Atmel Mega8 and Mega328p. Instead of a number of logical IC's one microntroller is used to handle the S88 bus and current detection. First picture below shows the intial test version of the S88Mega.    

Remark 1: The maximum S88 clock frequency is limited to  ~ 10 kHz.... See also 3RailForum.
Remark 2: In the schematic a  PC847 is used. It's strongly advised to use an AC opto coupler like the  TLP620-4.
Remark 3 : The S88Mega can only be used on 5 Volt S88 bus systems!!!!!!!!!!!!
S88 mega8
Below the S88Mega on a single sides PCB.
S88Mega single side PCB

S88 Mega8 (manual, software, schematic and PCB) download

Several people created PCB's for the S88Mega. Below a number of examples.

Jan  created a SINGLE SIDED PCB with rectifier. Here the pdf can be downloaded of the PCB.
Jos created a version specific for Maerklin track. Details see here and/or here.
S88 JosS88Mega
Remco created a version on a test PCB. More details can be found in the manual.
Remo's versie op strokenprint

Remko's S88 strokenprint
Ludolf created a double sided PCB.
S88 Ludolf WestersS88 Ludolf Westers

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