Switch panels

Two versions of the switch panel are available. A XpressNet version which can be used standalone and a version for the S88 bus.

XpressNet Switch panel

The XpressNet switch panel allows standalone control of accesory decoders (turnouts, signal, decouplers) with for example MDRRC-II. It should also work on other system with an XpressNet bus. If you want a commercial switch panel take a look at Lenz LW150. With for example my Roco LocMaus and Roco 10764 booster I can control an OpenDcc Decoder. On the test PCB all swiches (picture below) are mounted directly on the PCB, but mounting switches in a track control panel is also possible. For more details see the manual.   


XpressNet Switch panel (manual, software and schematic) download

S88 Switch panel

Certain applications (Koploper for example) offer the option to control accesory decoders (turnouts, signal, decouplers) based on S88 inputs. The S88 switch panel CAN NOT be used to control decoders stand alone with MDRRC-II. In a track control panel switches can be mounted representing the for example a turnout. Instead of spending a lot of money of S88 units the S88 switch panel allows to connect up to 48 switches. This is equal to three(3) s88 units. For more info see the (Dutch language) manual.

S88 Switch panel

S88 Switch panel (manual, software and schematic) download

Switch panel
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