" I think it's a real test of a musician when he can take a song written by a master and covered by (at least) dozens of people, and give it new meaning, a new depth and new beauty that fans like me never heard before. Like a famous painting suddenly set off by new and interesting lighting that reveals shadows and colors never seen before. The guitar work alone makes it worth a listen." Martin Golan, NYC Reuters journalist and author commenting on Robert Wiersma's cover of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" Sept. 13, 2002.

Singer, songwriter and guitarplayer from Groningen in the north of The Netherlands, Robert Wiersma, plays acoustic and electric guitar, as well as the mandolin and harp. For many years he had his own psychedelic rock/country band, "Smiling Windows", playing electric folk and country rock influenced by The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Richard Thompson, The Beatles, The Who and Grateful Dead.

Today, as a solo artist, Robert is playing country and folk-flavored acoustic music, drawing inspiration from people such as Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, and Willie Nelson. Alternative country with bluegrass, folk, roots and rock influences, also known as Americana. Texas country folk. Neil Young meets Guy Clark.

Robert has opened for Dale Watson, Johnny Bush and David Olney. He's stood on stage with them and with Norma Jean, Hermann Lammers Meyer, The Woody's, Bunnie Mills and Jennifer Weatherly and others. Robert has also played for American troops at Spangdahlem Airforce Base. He entertains in Holland at festivals, bars, cafes and restaurants, and everywhere in Germany from Hamburg to Munchen. His self-released eponymous CD, Robert Wiersma, (2002), received airplay in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, the United Kingdom (UK Radio Caroline), Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Romenia, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Recently a new Robert Wiersma CD, “Times On Hold” was released on his own label as RWPCD601. The CD features 12 of his own songs. This album has gotten rave reviews. You can read them here. It is a disc of songs full of melancholy and mystery, inspired by life on the sea-shore watching the seasons turn, watching people come and go with the waves of life. Memories, dreams and philosophies turned into melodious ballads in an intimate, emotional country, folk and pop atmosphere. Songs enhanced with acoustic and electrical guitars played by the singer and songwriter, who also recorded and produced the album in his studio. Besides his own work he also has recorded and produced other artists for Robert Wiersma Productions there.

" Sometimes life is a flat line of gray, and all you can see to the left and right are more flat lines of gray. Then somebody comes along who can color and paint beautifully all over the gray lines and it makes you want to shout, buy everyone an ice cream and announce a national holiday. Robert is one such man. Listen to his songs, look at the colors and forget all those gray lines…" Jim Bishop, Guitar Centre Records, Kent, UK



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