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OOG Forum interview and live songs: No Way Of Knowing, A Distant Track and An Old Getaway on OOG Radio Groningen.

Radio Westerkwartier broadcasting live, August Rain, from The Abel Tasman Struuntocht, Lutjegast, Curringherveld, Kornhorn.

New Zealands TLC-Radio has been sending reports on a daily bases since they got the first Times On Hold CD more than a year ago. Among their favourites the instrumentals Emma and K's tune which both must have been aired a thousand times by now!

Lokale Omroep Ameland, LOA, Albert Huizeling played On Hold and Emma on his Countrytime show.

Live Radio show Blueprint by Thomas Kaldijk - With The Shiner Twins. Songs played live No Way Of Knowing , A Distant Track , An Old Getaway, On Hold and Evening Star.

RTV-Noord plays Deep And Lonely and The Ride Never Ends audio clip ain, audio clip twij.

Hermann Lammers Meyer played An Old Getaway several times on his Town and Country show. Read Hermann's comment here

Theo Oldenburg's Alt.Country Cooking On Hold and An Old Getaway Read his comment here

Hillbilly Rockhouse Countrymusic24Radio Berlin Germany - Gerd Stassen played an unreleased A Song For You.

Country Do Club Romania - Dorin Maracas plays the CD Times On Hold on his syndicated radio shows with country music for 12 radio stations across Romania including National R3 Romania station.

Hillbilly Rockhouse - Rolf Hierath on Radio Rheinwelle 92,5 FM Wiesbaden Germany played On Hold clip Visit Rolf's Website

Hillbilly Rockhouse - Gerd Stassen on Radio "Ems-Vechte-Welle", Germany, Cable and FM 95.6 / 95.2 / 99.3 played: A Distant Track and, On Hold . Visit the great Website of Insurgent Country .

Country Gold - Radio Compagnie Holland Martin van der Laan songs played: An Old Getaway and The Ride Never Ends www.radiocompagnie.nl internet radio clip.

Hermann Lammers Meyer`s Town & Country Show
for the Ems Vechte Welle , Germany,
song played: Evening Star

Radio Rijnmond 93.4 FM -NL - Wim Kerkhof - Country en Omstreken. Live interview songs played: A Distant Track and On Hold

Radio RCF Rivages, France - Dominique Lemarechal

Slovenian Radio Trbovlje - Janez Guna

Ann Pascoe TLC Radio in Auckland, New-Zealand

Joe Vincent of JRRI, Ireland on his "Sounds from the New West"

Robert S. Dew on TLC Radio in New-Zealand

Danny & Julie Chauvin of KVMR in Nevada City, California, USA,

Pete Smith, DJ and Country Music Journalist, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England "Strictly Independent" radio show.

Lord Litter of Berlin, Germany via JRRI, Jolly Roger Radio International, Ireland

Dianne Watson,"Hot Off The Press" Radio Woodville 97 & 88.3 FM Voice of the Tararua, New Zealand.

Hans Mair of Radio Ost-Tirol Austria"Go West Go Country"

Joris Smits of Country Time Radio Noordenveld FM, The Netherlands

Bart van der Pol of VLOK Radio, Katwijk and Valkenburg, The Netherlands

Theo Oldenburg , Alt.Country Cooking radio show, Radio Winschoten, The Netherlands.

Valerie Baxter, Saltbush & Spinifex radio show on Radio Station 2XX Canberra, Australia

Bauke van der Vliet of Oskar Radio/T.V. Joure

Martin van der Laan of Radio Compagnie/Holland

Kristall Radio Milano, Italy

TwangtownUSA.Com Nashville USA Hermann Lammers Meyer

Dann Hansen, Denmark, Roskilde Dampradio

Omrop Fryslân Radio - NL - Gurbe Douwstra

Town & Country - Radio EmsVechteWelle - Germany - Hermann Lammers Meyer

Hillbilly Rockhouse Radio EmsVechteWelle - Germany - Gerd Stassen

Hillbilly Jukebox - Radio RheinWelle - Wiesbaden Germany - Rolf Hierath

Radio Waves Int. - France - Peter Hills & Philippe

Radio Osttirol - Austria - Hans Mair

Country Spotlights - RTV Apeldoorn Radio Putten/Ermelo - NL- Harry Boerman

Omrop Fryslân Radio Popskuor - NL - Willem de Vries

Country Music Hour - Buenos Aires Argentina - Lorena

Bjarne C Hesselbjerggaard Radio Show - Hjoerring Denmark

Radio Rijnmond - NL - Wim Kerkhof

RTV Drenthe - NL - Egbert Meijers

Peelstar FM Radio - NL - Bert van der Wijst

Alt.Country Cooking Radio Winschoten - NL - Theo Oldenburg

Roots Radio EmsVechteWelle - Germany - Norbert Knape

Country Music Radio Show /Country Music Circus - Berlin Germany - Larry Schuba

New Americana Radio Show Lightning Capitol Music Inc. - St Petersburg FL.USA

Sounds From The New West JRRI - Waterford Ireland - Joe Vincent

Twangtown USA - Nashville USA - Dick Shuey

Broadway UK - Radio Caroline UK - Victor Gray

CyberStormRadio - Berlin Germany - Lord Litter

Crossroads BRTO - Bergen op Zoom NL - Jos van den Boom