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Home-automation (Domotica)


Home automation (Domotica) is the automation of domestic electrical installations.
Wijenbergh Electro can give advises and design systems, for this type of automation, based on the so called X10 or S10 protocol.

Equipment that functions according to these protocols can simply be added in existing electrical installations, without changing or adding anything major to the installation.
The switch units working with the X10 and S10 protocol, use the existing electrical power wiring, over which the commands, needed to switch equipment and lamps on or off, can be sent.

The X10 S10 system can also be enhanced with remote control and/or computer control in which case one will have a very luxurious situation where all equipment in the network can be controlled with a handy remote control.

With a computer controlled installation, time depending switch operation become possible, and also complete control over the Internet.

X10 S10 modules:

  • Lamp modules: switchable up to 600 Watt, dim-able (provided a standard light bulb is used) in steps of 10%.

  • Equipment modules: switchable till 2500 Watt, on/off switching.

  • Sunshade control: switchable up to 600 Watt, in steps open or close or fully open or close.

  • Motion detectors.

  • Thermostat control.

  • Timers.

modules are available as:

  • in-line installation

  • built in or in wall modules

  • din-rail equipment

Controllers and remote control:

  • free programmable, universal remote control based on IR and/or RF

  • RF remote control for 8 till 16 modules

  • mini-controllers IR and/or RF

  • touch screen controllers

  • computer interface RS232 or USB

  • PLC interface

Special components:

  • dimmable energy efficient lamp (for lamp modules)

  • alarm interface

  • barking dog

  • signal amplifiers and filters

  • phase couplers

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