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Network design


In the modern household, a network is an essential component.
Wijenbergh Electro can advise you in the design and layout of such a home network and it's hardware components.

In a network the following items are of importance:

  • Internet modems ADS or cable

  • routers, switches and hub's

  • cabling UTP cat 5 or 6

  • wireless network

  • network over power (IP over Power)

  • network drives and servers

We are specialized in setup and configuration of  MicroSoft HomeServer.
With this type of server one can access or maintain, from almost every network access point, the complete collection of films, music, pictures etc.
For this HomeServer package, a complete collection of additional programs is available, with which maintaining and configuring the server over the Internet is even made possible. Also some of these add-on's can handle energy saving rules; the so called Green IT solutions.

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