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QMS (QCS) systems


QMS (Quality Measurement System) en QCS (Quality Control Systems) are systems or principles with which an attempt is made to influence a process or product in such a way that the quality of the product remains at a constant high level.

The most important factors in judging the quality are the desired value (setpoint) and the allowable deviation from the setpoint (spreading or deviation)

In practice, this means from a statistical/mathematical view, that one tries to maintain the average on a desired value and at the same time keeping the deviation (sigma or 2sigma) in an as narrow as possible band around the average (Gaus curve deviation)

From more then 25 years experience with QMS (QCS) systems in the paper and board industry Wijenbergh Electro can deliver the following services:

Sales and projects
advice for design and planning for future or expansions of current systems. For this, ROI (Return On Investment) studies can form a basis for your newly planned project.
conduct and implement testing at the manufacturing of your system: FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).
conducting or implementation of project management.
verification of functionality and accuracy after installation until the acceptance of the system: SAT (Site Acceptance Test).

After Sales
advice and assistance for maintenance during the lifespan of the system.
advice and assistance during emergency situations.
advice and support with process and product optimizing.
advice and implementation calibration, verification and tuning of the system and it's sub-components.

arranging of QMS (QCS) oriented education and training for production technical and maintenance technical personal.

These consultancy activities are not limited to a specific system or a specific supplier of such a system. Together with you we will try to achieve the most practical and efficient solution and support you during the life-span of the chosen system with advise and solutions to obtain the most efficient use of the system.

In this view, a small anecdote.
A managing director of a company that develops these systems had the following view on this during an employee training:
"we do not sell nor promote automation systems and computers; we do however have a vision on how we can advise customers and optimize processes. If we (the customer and we) decide that the process can be best optimized by using a pink hyacinth, all you people that work for me, will be trained in gardening and your tools will be garden tools"

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