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Radioactive sources


Radioactive sources form the physical basis of some applied sensors, like basis weight and ash content.
The government has laid down very specific and strict rules and regulations for working with these types of encapsulated sources and equipment.

Wijenbergh Electro can be of service to you, with advise and verification of the correct operation of sources and their safety components.
We advise all users to perform, per sensor, an annual check and verification of the radiological safety related components. A major part of this annual check-out is a thorough report that can be used as documentation toward the government officials.
According to the Dutch KernEnergie Wet (KEW) every owner of radioactive sources is obligated to maintain a complete and up-to-date administration during the life-time of the source(s)

For the above activities we have a specialist available on the Dutch national recognized level 4a radiation expert.
This level of expertise in itself is sufficient to not only work on this type of equipment, but also act as a supervision for lower educated (level 5) technicians that perform day-to-day maintenance on this type of equipment.

But we can never assume full responsibility in a legal context; this responsibility remains with the owner of the source.

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