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Frames and scanners are the fundament of a QMS (QCS) system.
If the fundament is weak or disturbed, the whole pyramid of higher equipment wobbles.
The obtained measurements and results become unreliable and the quality of the produced and controlled product starts to vary and deviate from specifications.

Continuous periodic control remains necessary with this kind of equipment, despite the claims of some suppliers that their products are maintenance-low or maintenance-free.
It is and stays an (electro) mechanical combination of components and for this, also taking in consideration the sometimes very harsh environment where this is installed and must function, maintenance and checking remains necessary.

For frames and scanners of your QMS (QCS) system Wijenbergh Electro can deliver the following consultancy activities:

Mechanical en electrical

  • advice and checking of mechanical components.

  • advice and checking of elektrotechnical and electronic components.

  • periodic checking and reporting of the operation of the scanner.

  • inspection and verification of auxilary equipment like overpressure ventilation, measurement air supply and water-cooling.


XYZ analysis
An important part for our advice and check-outs is based on a tool used by us.
This, in cooperation with MCS Engineering developed tool (XYZ analysis) gives a detailed and accurate insight in the mechanical stability of frames and scanners.
We advice a periodic, annual, checkout and reporting to be carried out, using this tool. This check can only be done during a machine stop.

Besides consultancy for regular maintenance, Wijenbergh Electro can also assist you in renovations or rebuilds of frames and scanners. This can be done under our supervision and it can vary from a simple renovation up to the addition of sensors or other components and equipment.


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