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Sensors are the hart of a QMS (QCS) system. Based on their data the important process information is calculated and controlled.
If the measurement is unreliable, then the end result (= the product made) is not good or at a minimum questionable.

Wijenbergh Electro can assist you with your sensor issues in the following:

advice on stability and accuracy

  • sensor verification: check to see if the sensor still operates according to the manufacturer specifications.

  • sensor calibration: check to determine still measures relatively good with respect to your lab gauges.

  • sensor configuration: adjusting or adapting a sensor to specific demands for product and/or conditions.

improvements of existing sensors
In close cooperation with MCS engineering we can advice, implement and configure the following modifications and improvements:

  • roller sheet guides for color and thickness gauges.

  • turbo (heated) airwipes for. weight sensors.

  • external heaters to prevent condensation problems moisture sensors.

other standalone sensor solutions
In close cooperation with MCS Engineering we can advise in the operation, applicability and operation of a series of relative inexpensive standalone solutions for sensors. You could think about:

  • (laser) thickness measurement

  • relative color measurement

  • IR moisture sensors for the press section (hi moisture content and remote electronic solution)

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