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Safety of the electrical installations and equipment in domestic houses

Existing electro technical installations and equipment must, according to the Dutch Woningwet meet the demands of safety and hygiene as is determined in the Dutch Bouwbesluit for existing buildings.

Legally the owner of a building or house is responsible for the safety of the electrical installation. The local government is responsible for first-line control on safety and the Dutch VROM-inspection is responsible for secondary control.

For house owners there is (still) no formal legal obligation to a, periodic, verification of the safety of an electrical installation and its appliances.
But, due to usage, aging and conditional changes there will be aging of these installations and appliances and it is highly advisable to perform a regular check on proper operation and correct functionality.

The method on how to judge the safety of such an installation has been laid down by the UNETO-VNI, in close cooperation with the Ministry of VROM, EnergieNed and the Dutch Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG), in an agreement; the Nederlands Technische Afspraak (NTA) 8025.

Wijenbergh Electro
 can perform a safety verification and checkout in accordance to this NTA 8025 standard, for you.

Safety of electro technical installations and appliances in recreational buildings

Where in family homes there is (yet) no insurance technical obligation with respect to judging and verification, there are obligations where recreational homes are concerned.

Legally the owner of the recreational home is responsible for the safety of electrical installations and appliances in his recreational building.
Legally there is (still) no legal obligation with respect to periodic verification of electro technical installations, but it is highly advisable to have these periodically, eg. once every two years, checked to insure insurance conditions.

Buy usage, aging and changing conditions there will be wear in these installations. In these recreational building wear will be higher, mainly caused by a more frequent usage.

Wijenbergh Electro  can, also for this type of buildings, perform a safety judgment and verification, according to standard NTA 8025, for you.

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