Pooldisk - An introduction
Ever dreamed of lots of freeware, shareware and some commercial software for your Atari 8-bit computer? Loads and loads of diskettes? Seek no longer. That's what the Pooldisk is all about. The Pooldisk contains approximately 5,000 diskettes with Atari 8 bit software.
Just load them up in your Atari using Sio2Pc or other disk emulator.


History - Pooldisk One
The first Pooldisk, The Pooldisk One, was released in October 1995. Then it contained a mere 2,000 diskettes of software. CD's back then were pretty expensive and rare. The $35 one had to pay for it, including shipping and was nearly enough to cover the cost of the production.


The Present - Pooldisk Too - RELEASED!
The second Pooldisk, The Pooldisk Too, was released in October 1998. At that time it already contained more than 5,000 diskettes of software. Not only did it contain more 8 bit software, but also lots and lots of pictures, websites, etc. concerning the 8 bit. But also the Lynx, Jaguar, ST(e) and other Atari product were included.
By now the Pooldisk was made up of 2 CD's.
The price was dropped considerably, mostly because the prices of CD's and such had dropped
as well. Including shipping, one has to pay $20 as of this moment.
We are currently trying to get the Pooldisk online, so one can download it. Patience please,
it will take some time to set this up. Hopefully we will reach that point by the end of 2006.


The Future - Pooldisk Tree
People are asking us when the next generation of Pooldisks will be released.
We are currently thinking of a DVD (or more than 1) version of the Pooldisk.
Nowadays most Atarians have a pc, supporting DVD or an Atari 8-bit with DVD support,
so it shouldn't be difficult to read such a disk.
I will probably start this project starting in 2007. If you want to participate in this project, please do!
You can send us a copy of your own Atari 8 bit software (only legal stuff please, i.e. Public Domain,
Shareware or own product) to the email address mentioned on this web-site.
Make sure to credit yourself in the source code if you do.
Expect the release of this product at the end of 2007 or 2008…


Contents of the Pooldisk Too
It is a double cdrom edition! What is the content of the 2 cd´s?
First of all the existing .ATR images of POOLDISK ONE, extended with the addition
of the complete SAG usergroup library, the complete ABBUC library,
all Compushop magazines, an updated POKEY library, the LACE library,
the SCAT library, AC disk magazines, the electronic version of Mapping The Atari,
disks from other usergroups like S*P*A*C*E, LIAUG, plus internet libraries
like Close To Home and Umich. It totals an amount of 5,000 .ATR disk images.
We´ve converted all pictures from pcx to the jpeg format. this saved a lot of space.
We´ve added more than 300 pictures of scanned cassette covers,
included more than 500 Mb of Webpages (so you don´t have to download them),
and included some interesting movies and other interesting stuff.
The cdroms were released October 24th, 1998 at the ABBUC´s yearly meeting.


Ordering the Pooldisk Too from the authors
The Pooldisk Too (2 cdroms) is sold for $20, and that included shipping
to anywhere in the world! Please note that some of the material on these
cd´s may not be copied freely due to the copyright of the respective owners!
Order your copy of the Pooldisk Too today, and get the out of this world experience!
Send a money order or a check drawn on an US bank for an amount of $20 to:

Ernest R. Schreurs
Kempenlandstraat 8
The Netherlands

Please include a note telling us the shipping address.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email
to Ernest Schreurs, or send a letter to the address mentioned above...


Ordering the Pooldisk Too from ABBUC
The Pooldisk Too (2 cdroms) is sold for €20, for non-members of the ABBUC and
€17,50 for members. Please go to their website to order it online.
Click here to order it from the Atari Bit Byter User Club (ABBUC), and then select software.