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Changed February 4th: DIR2ATR and XDIR!
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README                 - read me first!
  POOLDISK TOO - Moved to new webpage
  DIR2ATR          - UPDATED!convert Atari 8 bit files in a PC directory to one or more .ATR disk image(s)
                                          NOW VERSION 5.05 .00 supports SPARTADOS disks and multiple directories too!
  XDIRLIST         - gives an overview of all Atari 8 bit files on your PC located in .ATR and .XFD disk image(s)
  ATR2XFD          - convert .ATR disk image(s) to .XFD disk image(s)
  XFD2ATR          - convert .XFD disk image(s) to .ATR disk images(s)
XDIR                  - UPDATED! View those .ATR and .XFD disks images on the fly, NOW VERSION 10.05.00!
                                            Windows 95 compatible, mouse support and support for double density disks!
                                            Now supports SPARTADOS disks too

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All programs for the Atari XL/XE or IBM pc computer on this page can be downloaded freely.
You may pass them around freely.

However these programs may not be used commercially in any way,
they may be changed, but not be sold!

Although I'm certain no program causes the loss of data in any way,
using the downloaded programs will be at your own risk!
I'm not responsible for any loss or damage to data files, programs or computer equipment!

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It´s been a while since we´ve created the POOLDISK cdrom,
and because of all the activity going on lately concerning our beloved 8 bit,
the software we´ve received, the impact of internet and the dropping of prices
concerning cdroms, we thought it´s time for a follow up of the POOLDISK cdrom.

We´ve worked on a revised and extended version of POOLDISK TOO!
It is a double cdrom edition! What is the content of the 2 cd´s?
First of all the existing .ATR images of POOLDISK ONE, extended with the addition
of the complete SAG usergroup library, the complete ABBUC library,
all Compushop magazines, an updated POKEY library, the LACE library,
the SCAT library, AC disk magazines, the electronic version of Mapping The Atari,
disks from other usergroups like S*P*A*C*E, LIAUG, plus internet libraries
like Close To Home and Umich. It totals an amount of 5,000 .ATR disk images.
We´ve converted all pictures from pcx to the jpeg format. this saved a lot of space.
We´ve added more than 300 pictures of scanned cassette covers,
included more than 500 Mb of Webpages (so you don´t have to download them),
and included some interesting movies and other interesting stuff.

The cdroms were released  October 24th, 1998 at the ABBUC´s yearly meeting.
The project took us a little bit longer than we´ve anticipated, sorry ´bout that.
The Pooldisk Too (2 cdroms) is sold for $20, and that included shipping
to anywhere in the world! Please note that some of the material on these
cd´s may not be copied freely due to the copyright of the respective owners!

Order your copy of the Pooldisk Too today, and get the out of this world experience!
Send a money order or a check drawn on an US bank for an amount of $20 to:

Ernest R. Schreurs
Kempenlandstraat 8
The Netherlands
Please include a note telling us the shipping address.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email
to Ernest Schreurs, or send a letter to the address mentioned above...


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The Image Creator

You know how cumbersome it is to put Atari 8 bit files on an Atari 8 bit disk image.
The only product I know is ATR2IMG which let you select Atari 8 bit files and places
them in an .ATR disk image. It uses a nice graphical shell, but is still limited in some way.
Especially when you want to convert 2,000 Atari Basic files into a disk image "archive".
But ATR2IMG is still a very good product, download it now, and look for yourself.

Download this Atari 8 bit disk image creator for the Atari XL/XE  ATR2IMGNOW!

Anyway, now there is DIR2ATR. This PC utility let you turn a complete PC directory,
containing Atari 8 bit files, into one or several .ATR (or .XFD) disk images.
It will create the disk images containing DOS 2.5 or MYDOS DOS files.
Or if you do not want to include a DOS on it, that's possible too!
It will create .ATR disk images starting from 001.ATR up to 999.ATR, depending
on the amount of Atari 8 bit files residing in the specified PC directory.
From version 5.04.00 and up it supports SPARTADOS images too.
Spartados supports (sub)directories, so Dir2atr supports does that as well.

Try it, you'll love it. It runs under DOS and Win 3.x, Windows 95 and probably NT.
You can create Single, Medium or Enhanced density disks.
At this moment, double density disks, 720 KB, 1.44MB and 16 MB disks are supported as well!
Version 5.05 supports a Command Line Interface (CLI) and fast drive switching.
Once again, read the supplied text file.
Let me know what you think of this program. Maybe I will consider your comments :)

Download the Atari 8 bit disk image creator for the Atari XL/XE  DIR2ATRNOW!

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The Image Disk Directory Lister

You probably have a lot of Atari 8 bit disks, and you know that is isn't easy at all to
locate a specific file on one of those disks. You have to turn on your 8 bit
(which isn´t THAT bad of course), turn on you drive, load the disks and
get a directory listing. Right, of course, there are programs out there which let you
index all your disks. But do you really use them? If yes, I like you to continue reading anyway.
If you convert all those disks to .ATR or .XFD format using SIO2PC or XFormer,
you´re still ok with that.

But then, if you have the POOLDISK cdrom, or download .ATR or .XFD disk images
from the Internet, how do you know where a specific file is located? You cannot use
your previous tools anymore. And you know, you don´t want to browse through all
those disk images by hand, do you.

You can use XDIR to browse fast through those disk images of course, but after 10 or 20 disks
you tend to loose track. Now if there was an utility which would produce a list of all Atari 8 bit files
on all those .ATR or .XFD images, wouldn´t that be nice. Yes, it would.

And you guessed it, XDIRLIST will just do that!
You can run it from a specific PC directory or specify a file mask.
From that point on it will scan that directory and all subdirectories for .ATR or .XFD disk images.
It will check if the disk image contains a Volume Table Of Contents (VTOC), and if so, it will
retrieve the Atari 8 bit files from it, and write out the results to a disk file.
Run from the root of a drive, it will scan through ALL directories on that drive.
The output file will be placed at: C:\LOCATOR.TXT
The file will look something like below:

Atari File      Size   Lck Ext  Del  Pc Path
========= ==== === === === ===============================================
DOS.SYS        37   No   No   No  C:\XL\DOS25.ATR
DUP.SYS        42   No   No   No  C:\XL\DOS25.ATR

It specifies the Atari 8 bit filename, its size in 128 byte sectors, if it is locked, contains sectors above
sector 720, if it is considered deleted, and the PC disk image path and file.

You can import this list file easily into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.
With the help of these tools, you can easily locate a certain file, or
notice that you miss a certain file from your collection <grin>.
Try this program for yourself, and be amazed.

Download this Atari 8 bit disk image lister for the Atari XL/XE  XDIRLISTNOW!

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Convert ATR to XFD

So you´ve downloaded these Atari 8 bit disk images, and you own an Atari ST running ST XFormer.
Somehow this program does not load .ATR disk images, but only .XFD images.
The only difference between those two images is a 16 byte .ATR header.
ATR2XFD just strips of this header of the .ATR disk image, and
copies the rest of the disk image to a .XFD disk image.
Now you can load the .XFD disk image into your ST XFormer.

Download this Disk Image conversion program for the Atari XL/XE  ATR2XFDNOW!

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Convert XFD to ATR

So you´ve downloaded these Atari 8 bit disk images, and you own an IBM compatible PC.
Some programs only process .ATR disk images, and it seems the disks you´ve downloaded
are in the .XFD disk image format. How sad.
The only difference between those two images is a 16 byte .ATR header.
XFD2ATR will insert this .ATR header, and copies the rest of
the disk image from .XFD disk image to the .ATR disk image.
Now you can load the .ATR disk image into the PC program which requires this.

Download this Disk Image conversion program for the Atari XL/XE  XFD2ATRNOW!

Keep watching this page for an upcoming version with SpartaDos support...

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The Disk Image Browser

Remember how easy it is to request a directory listing on your Atari XL/XE?
But then again, you will have to insert a disk into the disk drive each time,
before you can request such a listing.
When runing an emulator on the PC it's the same thing.
You'll have to load a disk image into the emulator first before you can request a directory listing.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a program which gives you a directory listing without
loading a disk image into an emulator?
XDIR does this, and more!
It's written in Turbo Assembler 5.0 from Borland.
XDIR allows you to "extract" files from the disk image to your PC's hard disk as well.
Even "deleted" files can be extracted if you want to.
Version 10 is Windows 95 compatible. You can run it with DOS or Windows 95!
It can supports the mouse and double density disks are supported in this version too.
When Atari files get extracted from the disk image, you get a nice progress bar now.
A few slight bugs have been resolved as well.
Version 10.03 and up now supports SpartaDos disks.
Version 10.05 supports a Command Line Interface (CLI) and fast drive switching.
Give it a try and let me know if there are any problems with it.
The most current version is now v10.05.00

Download version 10.05.00 with SpartaDos supportXDIRV10NOW!

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