The Alchemical Wedding of  Christian Rosenkreutz
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Dear friends, The   above   book   is   a   comprehensive   study   of   The   Alchemical   Wedding   of      Christian   Rosenkreutz,   written   by Valentin   Andrea   in   the   year   1604,   and   published   in   1616   in   Kassel   Germany.   The   story   is   one   of   the   three manifests   published   in   the   beginning   of   the   seventeenth   century,   calling   for   a   complete   and   new   reformation   of the   art   and   sciences,   by   renewing   the   way   man   relates   himself   to   God   and   nature.   The   Alchemical   Wedding describes   in   great   detail   how   such   a   renewal   can   come   about   and   brings   man   in   line   with   Gods   plan   for   creation as   expressed   by   his   son   Jesus   Christ.   In   our   world   such   a   relation   is   often   lost   and   it   seems   Nietsche   is   right when   he   said   God   is   dead   and   we   have   killed   him .   But   anybody   who   has   an   open   mind   will   agree   that   the   old concept   of   the   Divinity   no   longer   works   for   us   and   that   the   rules   and   dogma’s   of   the   Church   have   outlived themselves.   Many   people   experience   a   kind   of   divine   central   feeling,   a   voice   in   our   heart   that   tells   us   what   is   the right   thing   to   do.   To   help   us   strengthen   the   consciousness   of   the   heart   we   are   given   the   Alchemical   wedding   in which we can identify ourselves with the hero of the story. The   story   is   a   vision   that   expresses   eternal   truths   in   a   clear   symbolic   way.   By   making   use   of   symbols,   the   story is   lifted   out   of   the   context   of   the   time   it   was   written   in   and   becomes   applicable   to   our   time,   our   situation. Therefore   it   has   lost   nothing   of   its   remarkable   value   for   us   as   it   is   not   dealing   with   the   political   situation   of   1616 that   of   course   was   very   different   from   ours.   The   story   tells   about   the   journey   Christian   Rosenkreutz   is   invited   to by   an Angel   that   hands   him   an   invitation   to   come   to   the   wedding   of   a   King   and   a   Queen.   In   the   end   it   turns   out that   the   invitation   is   very   much   about   the   union   of   the   Human   Soul,   the   Spirit   being   and   the   physical   body   of   the human   being.   The   process   to   find   this   triple   union   is   a   difficult   journey   that   only   can   succeed   when   certain conditions are meticulously fulfilled. The   story   therefore   is   about   rising   up   to   a   higher   form   of   consciousness   without   all   kind   of   meditation   or   yoga training   or   the   eating   of   mushrooms   or   consuming   drugs.   The   story   is   divided   in   seven   days,   each   of   which   I give the original text which I then study in great detail relating it to our present situation. The   Story   of   the Alchemical   Wedding   has   been   studied   by   different   authors   from   the   viewpoint   of   the   different arithmetic   riddles   that   are   concealed   in   it.   My   point   of   departure   is   very   much   that   of   Sacred   Geometry   that   also is concealed in the story and which I discus to some detail in the appendix. After   Christian   Rosenkreutz   has   read   the   letter   of   invitation,   he   prepares   himself   in   his   soul   for   the   great   event that   is   to   befall   on   him.   He   realizes   that   he   is   chosen   and   that   this   is   not   by   special   virtue,   because   he   knows   he is   far   from   perfect,   but   out   of   divine   grace.   The   next   day   he   takes   to   the   road   to   find   the   castle   of   the   King   and Queen,   but   before   that   he   goes   to   sleep   and   during   this   sleep   his   Angel   sends   him   a   dream   that   clarifies   his situation and as such our present  situation as well. Here is what this episode is about: Excerpt of                                                      THE FIRST DAY The   Alchemical   Wedding   is   divided   into   seven   sections   that   allegorically   describe   the   Seven   Days   surrounding the   initiation   of   Christian   Rosenkreutz.   In   order   to   get   the   most   value   from   the   writing   we   will   need   to   dissect each   day   examining   in   detail   the   various   symbols,   archetypes,   and   the   overall   allegory.   Each   Day   will   start   with a   brief   section   of   the   text,   which   will   be   followed   by   the   interpretation   of   that   section.   The   text   is   written   in Early   Modern   English   (1590   –   1714   Shakespeare   &   King   James   Bible). As   such,   it   contains   terminology   of   that time.   Although,   understanding   the   text   is   not   as   important   as   extracting   the   deeper   message,   I   still   recommend reading   the   text   to   absorb   the   atmosphere   of   the   allegory   and   see   the   connection   to   the   teachings   of   the Ancient Mysteries   and   the   Rosicrucian   brotherhood.   In   reading   the   text,   which   is   taken   from ,   it   will   help to   remember   that   all   the   great   Teachers   taught   the   general   population   the   Mysteries   in   the   form   of   allegories, metaphors,   and   parables   filled   with   symbols;   recall   the   New   Testament   recording   that   Jesus   taught   the   people   in parables. This   is   because   the   meanings   of   the   symbols   in   stories   reach   us   at   the   deepest   level   -   in   our   subconscious,   which transcends   time   and   they   are   as   relevant   today   as   they   ever   were.   It   is   also   worth   keeping   in   mind   that   the   time the Alchemical   Wedding   was   written,   the   Inquisition   was   at   its   height   and   the   writer   took   a   considerable   risk   in revealing   the   Mysteries,   even   in   such   a   veiled   and   obscured   form.   My   goal   in   this   book   is   to   extract   the transformative message these brave individuals left for the benefit of us all.

Valentin Andrea