At   the   beginning   of   the   first   Day,   we   find   Christian   Rosenkreutz   preparing   for   the   Easter   Festival   in   his   small cottage, which is situated on a hill. Here, the hill is the symbol of higher consciousness. From   the   text,   it   is   clear   that   he   was   a   devout   and   very   modest   man   with   a   deep   faith   in   God,   as   well   as   having   a strong bond with his guardian Angel. Having   prepared   himself   for   many   years,   he   is   now   in   such   a   mental   condition   that   he   becomes   sensitive   in   his   heart to   his   connection   with   the   gnostic   radiation-field.   (The   gnostic   radiation-field   is   an   ancient   term   referring   to   a   higher realm of consciousness, from the word gnosis meaning knowledge or knowing.)  This realm is not divided into dualities as in the world we live in. One   can   best   describe   it   as   a   form   of   total   or   unity   consciousness.   It   is   a   form   of   knowing   at   one   sight,   somewhat comparable    with    the    moment    when    the    mathematician    can    in    one    overview    see    the    whole    content    of    his mathematical proof. I   can   tell   the   reader   that   such   an   experience   is   sweeping   one   off   ones   feet.   Something   like   this   I   experienced   when   I suddenly   understood   that   in   the   ground   plan   of   the   Tower   of   Olympus,   discussed   on   the   Fifth   and   Sixth   day,   is   the very   basis   of   all   forms   we   find   in   Euclidean   Geometry.   This   consciousness   expresses   itself   as   mentioned   as   a   strong Astral field that breaks in our lower world with great force. So   Rosenkreutz   then   experiences   a   great   windstorm   that   threatens   to   blow   his   cottage   apart.   This   windstorm   results from the clash of two opposing astral fields. One is that of our physical world, the Astral field that we live in. The   other   one   is   of   a   higher   life,   the   sixth   region ,   where   the   radiation   of   the   cosmic   Gnostic   Light   of   Christ   comes from.   I   appreciate   that   for   many   people,   initially   hearing   this   information;   it   might   be   difficult   to   grasp   it   fully.   It helps   to   understand   that   Universal   knowledge   of   all   Time   speaks   about   seven   emanations   of   God's   essence,   the   last, the seventh emanation being the physical emanation. However,   due   to   secession   from   the   originally   developing   flow   this   emanation   came   in   at   an   even   lower   level   of existence, the level in which nature and humanity seemingly experience death. This   seventh   sub-field   is   only   a   reflection   of   the   true   seventh   level,   so   it   has   no   reality   and   will   pass   away.   In   the ancient Indian culture, the birthplace of both Hinduism and Buddhism, it is called Maya, or illusion. Ultimately,   this   lower   field   of   existence   that   is   the   working   area   of   our   personality,   the   lower   “I”,   will   rise   up   out   of its fallen state to bring us salvation. Alternatively,   the   forces   in   this   world   that   are   blocking   this   salvation   are   anti-Godlike   and   lead   to   sickness,   conflict, and death. An individual wanders around on this Earth until he or she finds the road out of this darkness. One   can   describe   this   wandering   as   walking   in   a   labyrinth   while   trying   to   find   the   exit.   Evolution   is   a   slow   process and consequently we will need to be patient. This is natural because the three forces that block us: Duality,   disease   and   death    are   typical   of   the   fallen   world   and   will   continue   to   delude   humanity   unless   each   person changes their course completely. The   path   of   initiation   that   is   portrayed   here,   as   the   Alchemical   Wedding,   brings   us   back   into   this   higher   field   of existence. This   is   the   universal   meaning   of   the   seven-Day   journey   of   Christian   Rosenkreutz   assisting   at   the   marriage of the King and the Queen. During   the   windstorm   a   higher   spiritual   being   appears   to   Rosenkreutz,   and   as   he   turns   to   look   at   her,   light   streams from   her   being   and   is   reflected   back   giving   him   the   impression   of   a   blue   mantle.   However,   not   all   the   light   is reflected   back. At   the   point   where   the   light   is   seemingly   absorbed   by   the Angel,   he   has   the   impression   of   stars.   The visitor   bears   in   her   hand   a   bundle   of   letters   in   all   languages,   for   her   message   is   universal   and   is   given   throughout   the world   to   those   that   are   mature   enough   to   receive   it.   From   the   letter   he   receives   from   the   Angel,   Rosenkreutz understands he is chosen. Why is Christian Rosenkreutz chosen? We   must   not   forget   that   without   exception   we   are   all   called   to   walk   the   road   of   light.   The   difficulty   is   that   many   of us   are   inwardly   deaf   and   cannot   hear   the   call   from   the   heart,   which   ultimately   is   due   to   ourselves.   Each   of   us   must find   this   road   entirely   out   of   free   will.   It   is   not   enough   to   live   a   good   civil   life,   to   suffer,   go   to   church,   and   do   good deeds. A good life is a prerogative, but these two things are ironclad conditions: One must inwardly leave the illusions of this world, and then a very powerful longing for salvation will be born. One’s   entire   being   must   be   dedicated   to   the   gnostic   radiation   field,   the   field   of   the   sxth   cosmic   area,   which   emanates from the spiritual light of Jesus Christ. Whoever   strugles   in   this   way   and   accomplishes   the   above   conditions   becomes   a   chosen   one.   God’s   grace   is bestowed   on   him   or   her.   Christian   Rosenkreutz,   after   years   of   preparation   adopted   such   a   devout   life   completely orientated on the Divine and modesty was one of his greatest virtues. Therefore, a Messenger from the Gnostic field appears in the form of a great Angel to hand him the letter. The   letter   is   of   great   spiritual   importance   to   him   and   so   it   feels   heavier   than   gold.   It   proves   to   be   an   invitation   for   the Royal Wedding of the King and the Queen, " by birth and by God's choice ". This   lies   in   his   destiny,   but   it   is   also   bestowed   on   him   by   grace.   Rosenkreutz   is   then   bidden   to   go   to   a   place   where three temples stand, where he will find the direction he must take. At   first,   he   does   not   comprehend   this,   but   knows   that   a   spiritual   seeker   has   imaginations   that   need   to   ripen   within before   they   may   be   understood.   Seven   years   earlier,   he   had   not   fully   understood   an   impression,   or   feeling   that   one day he would receive an invitation to the wedding of a King. It   is   only   with   the   receipt   of   the   letter   that   he   understands   this   premonition.   Next,   he   uses   astrology   to   make   diligent search   into   the   positions   of   the   planets   and   finds   the   chart   indicates   he   may   hope   for   a   spiritual   experience   at   this time……… For   I   was   yet   scarcely   fallen   asleep,   when   I   thought   that   I,   together   with   an   innumerable   multitude   of   men,   lay fettered   with   great   chains   in   a   dark   dungeon,   in   which,   without   the   least   glimpse   of   light,   we   swarmed   like   bees   one over   another,   and   thus   rendered   each   other’s   affliction   more   grievous.   But   although   neither   I   nor   any   of   the   rest could   see   one   jot,   yet   I   continually   heard   one   heaving   himself   above   the   other,   when   his   chains   and   fetters   had become   ever   so   slightly   lighter,   though   none   of   us   had   much   reason   to   shove   up   above   the   other,   since   we   were   all captive wretches. Now   when   I   with   the   rest   had   continued   a   good   while   in   this   affliction,   and   each   was   still   reproaching   the   other   with his   blindness   and   captivity,   at   length   we   heard   many   trumpets   sounding   together   and   kettledrums   beating   in   such   a masterly   fashion,   that   it   even   revived   us   in   our   calamity   and   made   us   rejoice.   During   this   noise   the   cover   of   the dungeon   was   lifted   up   from   above,   and   a   little   light   let   down   to   us.   Then   first   might   truly   have   been   discerned   the bustle   we   kept,   for   all   went   pell-mell,   and   he   who   perchance   had   heaved   himself   up   too   much,   was   forced   down again   under   the   others’   feet.   In   brief,   each   one   strove   to   be   uppermost.   Neither   did   I   myself   linger,   but   with   my weighty   fetters   slipped   up   from   under   the   rest,   and   then   heaved   myself   upon   a   stone,   which   I   laid   hold   of;   howbeit,   I was   caught   at   several   times   by   others,   from   whom   yet   as   well   as   I   might,   I   still   guarded   myself   with   hands   and   feet. For   we   imagined   no   other   but   that   we   should   all   be   set   at   liberty,   which   yet   fell   out   quite   otherwise.   For   after   the nobles   who   looked   upon   us   from   above   through   the   hole   had   recreated   themselves   a   while   with   our   struggling   and lamenting,   a   certain   hoary-headed   ancient   man   called   to   us   to   be   quiet,   and   having   scarcely   obtained   this,   began (as I still remember) to speak on thus:
Reflections on the First Day: The Letter I