We   may   prepare   ourselves   in   our   present   life   to   belong   to   those   who   will   be   able   to   grab   the   rope   in   a   future incarnation when the sixth cord is lifted. The   son   of   the   old   lady,   or   the   ice-grey   man,   who   is   apparently   in   charge   of   retrieving   the   ripe   souls,   makes   the closing   of   the   dungeon   known   to   the   imprisoned.   His   name   reminds   us   of   the   term   Son   of   the   Widow ,   referred   to   in the Bible. “Son of the widow” is for Freemasons a very common name. It   means   someone   who   is   liberated,   someone   who   is   truly   initiated   and   participating   in   the   process   of   saving humankind.   Hiram   Abiff,   the   skilled   architect   and   builder   of   the   Temple   of   Solomon   in   the   Bible,   was   also   named the son of the widow. The   term   son   of   the   widow   is   an   apt   term.   Long   ago   humanity   was   part   of   the   living   force   field,   also   called   the Mother.   Plato   recognized   it   in   the   primordial   world   of   Ideas   and   Goethe   had   Faust   return   to   this   region   at   the   end   of the   second   part   of   the   epic   play   by   the   same   name.   This   force   field originally   created   a   life   in   unity   with   the   Father-Mother   God   until   the separation   came,   which   the   Bible   calls   the   Fall .   The   re-union   of   the Mother    principle    with    the    kingdom    of    the    Father    is    the    purpose    of redemption. This   can   only   be   achieved   by   the   human   being   who   conquers him   or   herself   and   fully   absorbs   the   new   life   field.   In   mythic   images,   it   is Horus,   the   son   of   Isis   the   widow,   who   defeats   the   evil   Seth   and   so   the ancient   kingdom   of   Osiris,   the   Father   God   may   be   restored   by   the   acting King-Pharaoh,   who   becomes   the   living   Osiris   himself.   In   many   other myths,   the   same   drama   is   related   to   us   in   other   equally   poignant   images. Returning   to   the   story,   the   ice-grey   man,   the   son   of   the   widow    now   cheers the prisoners to keep good heart: ……………………………………. Wherefore, leave of your lamentations Which is but for a  few days? It says in the text. The meaning of this is of course: Soon   a   new   opportunity   will   come   for   souls   who   have   opened   up to   the   Gnosis   to   come   into   the   Light.   And   in   the   meantime,   the blood   of   the   people   must   be   purified   and   their   will   must   be   strong enough   to   continue;   seen   as   a   metaphor,   in   order   to   keep   hold   of the cord during the next collection. Now   all   those   that   were   pulled-up   are   freed   from   their   shackles   and   receive   a   travel   penny,   or   medal.   On   one   side   of the   medal   is   a   symbol   of   the   rising   sun,   on   the   other   side   are   engraved   the   letters   D,   L,   S.   The   medal’s   message   is then that all may continue their way after having promised to serve God’s work and help their neighbours. They   also   promised   to   be   silent   about   what   they   had   experienced.   Finally,   the   trumpet   sounds   again   and   Christian Rosenkreutz   awakens   from   his   dream.   He   now   realizes   that   there   is   no   weakness   or   unworthiness   that   makes   him unfit   for   this   invitation. The   main   point   here   is   that   anyone   who   has   received   the   sign   of   the   order   in   his   heart   gets   a new opportunity and the past is closed. Therefore, Rosenkreutz is freed from his chains. He   has   the   travel   penny   with   the   rising   sun,   or   the   beginning   of   a   new   day.   It   calls   the   new   traveler   to   set   his compass   (The   sun   is   rising   in   the   East). As   mentioned,   on   the   other   side   are   inscribed   the   three   letters   D,   L,   S,   (Deus Lux   Solis   =   God   is   the   Light   of   the   World),   which   indicate   that   the   candidate   in   his   whole   being   is   now   connected with   the   Gnosis.   Thus,   he   will   also   receive   the   new   Living   Light   and   from   that   moment   he   belongs   to   the brotherhood of the Sun, the Fraternitas Solares. Yet,   the   question   remains,   why   did   Christian   Rosenkreutz   walk   away   limping   after   being   freed   from   his   chains? Obviously,   the   answer   is   that   his   shackles   or   fetters   had   chafed   and   caused   open   sores   or   wounds.   Regarding   these wounds, the Ancient Mother says to him, “ Keep these wounds for my sake. It   has   been   suggested   that   this   mysterious   saying   is   a   reference   to   the   washing   of   the   disciple’s   feet    by   Christ   at   the last   supper.   However,   this   is   mostly   seen   a   training   in   humility   and   we   shall   see   how   the   humility   of   this   pilgrim   is of service to him in his future experiences, Rosenkreutz   must   not   forget   what   a   struggle   it   was   for   him   to   get   free   of   the   body   and   thus   receive   a   deeper understanding   of   nature.   In   a   deeper   sense,   we   may   look   at   the   “Washing   of   the   feet”   as   the   purification   by   Christ   of the   cosmic   forces   that   relate   to   the   feet.   These   cosmic   forces   come   from   the   cosmos   through   the   zodiacal   sign   of Pisces.   Fish   live   in   a   denser   world   than   the   human   beings   and   so   the   sign   of   the   fishes   symbolizes   the   forces   of matter,   in   which   human   society   as   a   whole   is   deeply   sunken.   Therefore,   the   washing   of   the   feet   can   be   understood as the spiritualization of the material world through the deed of Jesus Christ. The Story Continues: Hereupon   I   prepared   myself   for   the   way,   put   on   my   white   linen   coat,   and   girded   my   loins,   with   a   blood-red   ribbon bound   crossways   over   my   shoulder.   In   my   hat   I   stuck   four   red   roses,   so   that   I   might   sooner   be   noticed   amongst   the throng   by   this   token.   For   food   I   took   bread,   salt   and   water,   which   by   the   counsel   of   an   understanding   person   I   had at certain times used, not without profit, in similar occurrences. But   before   I   left   my   cottage,   I   first,   in   this   my   dress   and   wedding   garment,   fell   down   upon   my   knees,   and   besought God   that   in   case   such   a   thing   were,   he   would   vouchsafe   me   a   good   issue.   And   thereupon   in   the   presence   of   God   I made   a   vow   that   if   anything   through   his   grace   should   be   revealed   to   me;   I   would   employ   it   to   neither   my   own honour nor my own authority in the world, but to the spreading of his Name, and the service of my neighbour. And with this vow, and good hope, I departed out of my cell with joy……… The Journey When   Christian   Rosenkreutz   awakens,   he   knows   that   he   is   allowed   to   make   the   journey   and   arrays   himself   in   his wedding   garment,   a   white   linen   coat   with   a   red   stole   that   he   wears   crosswise   as   a   priest   wears   his.   In   the   language of   myth   and   fairy-tale   this   scissor-cross   points   to   the   human   ego-consciousness,   which   in   man   has   a   certain association   with   the   crossing   of   the   optic   nerves. This is   because,   the   optic   nerves   allow   the   eyes to    focus    and    thus    obtain    clear    sense-impressions beyond    the    scope    of    lower    animals    who cannot   fix   their   vision   in   the   same   way.   These   are symbols   of   his   own   inner   development   and show   us   that   for   the   true   alchemist,   alchemy   consists above   all   in   the   transmutation   of   one’s   own being. Rosenkreutz then takes bread, water and salt and sets out joyously on his way. This   expresses   the   joyous   feeling   of   the   candidate when   he   understands   that   he   is   on   the   path of salvation. We   shall   see   how   he   has   to   surrender   these   personal qualities   as   he   penetrates   more   and   more deeper   into   the   spiritual   world.   Now   the   first   Day   has   almost   come   to   a   close.   Rosenkreutz   dressing   himself   in   a white   robe   what   is   signalling   that   he   is   purified   for   the   next   process   of   transformation.   Furthermore,   apart   from strapping   himself   cross-wise   over   his   chest   (the   heart),   he   also   wraps   a   red   band   around   his   waist   (the   spleen). Finally, he puts four red roses in his hat. These four roses mean what the Rosicrucians call the foundation on the square cornerstone , namely Jesus: For   anyone   capable   of   placing   these   four   symbolic   roses   in   his   or   her   hat,   it   represents   a   powerful   declaration   that means   that   he   or   she   is   hoping   to   receive   new   ether   forces   and   thus   such   a   person   will   always   be   recognized   by   the brotherhood among the people. In the Reflections of the Third Day, the meaning of the four red roses will be discussed further. The   Gnostic   processes   with   such   a   person   will   go   from   strength   to   strength.   And   so   for   Christian   Rosenkreutz begins the second Day as he takes these simple victuals: Bread, Water and Salt
Reflection on the dream II of Christian Rosenkreutz (continuation)