The   Alchemical   Wedding   of   Christian   Rosenkreutz   was   published   more   than   400   years   ago,   in   1616.   In   the   town of Kassel, Germany. In   our   time,   we   hardly   realize   that   this   was   a   very   difficult   time   in   western   Europe.   On   the   one   hand,   the   Catholic church   that   had   been   the   ruling   power   for   centuries   in   many   countries,   was   trying   to   make   a   comeback   in   all   the regions   it   had   lost   to   the   Protestant   reformation.   On   the   other   hand,   countries   were   in   constant   conflict   with   one another, first for territorial claims and later for mostly religious reasons. Suddenly,   in   this   boiling   pot   of   conflicts   where   uncertainty   reigned,   out   of   the   blue   there   appeared   three   manifests calling   for   a   total   new   reformation.   because   the   protestant   reform   had   not   brought   a   better   world,   therefore   it   had betrayed its cause and failed. For many the manifests brought hope on a possible way out of their misery. The first manifest (1614) was called the Fama Fraternitatis, (or the call for fraternity) This   manifest   characterized   society   as   catastrophic,   because   people   had   lost   all   contact   with   God,   and   nothing good   could   come   from   the   religious   conflicts.   Therefore,   the   commendable   ancient   brotherhood   of   the   Rosicross called   for   a   new   reformation   lead   by   the   brotherhood   itself,   who   had   received   special   new   spiritual   insight   in   the Divine world through our Lord Jesus Christ. The   appearance   of   this   manifest   produced   a   shock   wave   like   an   earthquake,   more   so,   as   nobody   knew   who   these so-called   Rosicrucian’s   were.   The   brotherhood’s   call   that   one   should   declare   oneself   openly   in   word   or   writing, shook the foundations of the established society. The   shock   became   even   greater   when   a   year   later,   the   Confessio   Fraternitatis   (1615)   appeared,   giving   extensive details   over   Christian   Rosenkreutz   himself   and   his   ancient   order,   without   however   placing   it   geographically   on   the map. Confusion   and   anger   rose   to   its   height   when   in   1616   the   third   manifest   was   printed,   recording   the   extraordinary vision   of   Johan Valentin Andrea,   who   had   written   it   down   in   1604   when   he   was   only   17   years   old. This   vision   was given the intriguing title: The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.  It is clear it tells us about an adventure of the founder of the Rosicrucian order. But what does an Alchemical  Wedding mean? In   the   beginning   of   the   seventeenth   century, Alchemy   was   a   dying   art.   It   had   its   high   days   during   the   middle   ages as   a   means   for   the   inner   human   being   to   reach   higher   spiritual   realms   by   studying   the   various   properties   of Nature’s substances. In   that   sense,   we   would   nowadays   consider   this   art   as   pre-scientific,   which   does   not   mean   it   is   of   no   value   for   us when we learn to understand what it means. The core idea was simple: In   nature   God   has   expressed   his   whole   being.   Thus,   if   we   try   to   find   the   most   central   substance   that   is   mixed   and modified   to   make   all   the   others,   by   considering   the   substances   of   nature,   we   will   have   found   the   Prima   Materia.   Then   by   living   through   the   processes   in   one   own   soul   the   Alchemist   would   also   have   found   his   own   Prima Materia, his Higher Self, or core being. In   this   way,   the   Alchemist   would   understand   what   forces   of   heavenly   nature   are   at   work   and   he   or   she   would understand God’s creation. The   instrument   of   investigation   that   we   need   in   the   Alchemical   work,   is   our   own   soul,   as   it   takes   on   the   Divine qualities of the substances we transform. This   method   of   investigation   is   completely   opposite   to   modern   analysis,   where   the   soul   of   the   observer   has   no voice   at   all   and   the   aim   of   all   investigation   and   work   is   the   material   or   outer   world.   However,   as   analytical thinking   had   not   yet   reached   the   heights   as   it   would   in   the   following   centuries   of   the   “Enlightenment   Period”,   the method of research of Alchemy was to engage the whole human being and not just the intellect. This   unification   of   the   soul   with   the   processes   used   in Alchemy   meant   that   in   the   end   when   the   Prima   Materia   was found, the soul would meet Jesus, the son of God and enter in full consciousness a paradisical state This   was   the   real   meaning   of   changing   a   base   metal   (lead)   into   Gold.   The   lead   here   was   the   soul   chained   to materialism and worldly pleasures. These had to be overcome as they bind the lower Ego to violence and ignorance. The   realm   of   the   flesh   can   never   open   the   way   to   true   higher   consciousness.   The   change   that   was   meant   here   is   a sevenfold Alchemical process faithfully followed in the story. But there is also a Wedding, what can we understand by this? A   wedding   here   means   the   unification   of   the   purified   soul   (the   Queen)   with   the   Higher   Self   (the   King).   In   this relationship,   the   Higher   Self   is   seen   as   the   indwelling   Divine   spirit   and   the   purified   soul,   which   has   undergone   the Alchemical   transformations   to   change   from   its   rudimentary   state   to   a   new   radiant   level.   These   two   higher   entities then   fuse   with   the   purified   physical   being.   In   this   way,   the   threefold   human   being   has   become   one   and   identifies him   or   herself   with   the   Prima   Materia   inwardly   and   outwardly   and   by   achieving   this,   the   Alchemical   Wedding   is complete. It   is   apparent   that   this   road   leads   to   spiritual   enlightenment   and   corresponds   with   the   ancient   method   of   initiation; though   here Alchemy   is   the   symbolism   that   is   used,   but   still   the   question   remains   why   is   this   process   of   unification Alchemical? What can be meant by this? The   answer   lies   in   the   fact   that   the   changes   that   are   brought   about   in   the   attitude   of   the   soul   cause   permanent changes   in   the   physical   body.   These   changes   enable   spiritual   forces   to   stream   through   the   different   organs, activating   the   Kundalini   fire   that   eventually   leads   to   the   development   of   a   new   consciousness   which   is   an   all- encompassing consciousness . All   this   is   a   very   holy   and   irreversible   process   and   therefore   the Alchemical   wedding   stresses   many   times   that   one must not take to this road if one is unworthy and cannot meet the minimal requirements. What then are these minimal requirements? They are the old Christian values that many people are in the process of forgetting. One of the most important values is modesty and Christian Rosenkreutz is characterized by this virtue. Another one is true insight into oneself. A third one is certainly perseverance, regardless of the many obstacles that have to be overcome. A fourth one would certainly be brotherly or sisterly love. A fifth one is to consider the world as a holy place in which we may gather valuable experiences etc. Nonetheless,   those   who   lack   these   qualities   of   character,   but   still   feel   the   strong   urge   to   claim   their   place   in   life will   be   focused   on   the   motto:   I   come   first,   or   translated   in   a   more   political   sense:   America   First   (and   the   rest   can drop   dead).   Such   an   attitude   does   not   open   the   gate   to   a   new   life,   but   keeps   us   in   the   dark   dungeon   that Rosenkreutz described in his vivid dream at the end of the First DAY, symbolizing his present situation. That was so in the beginning of the seventeenth century and is even more true in our days. Science   has   lost   a   true   priestly   attitude   to   God’s   revelation   and   brings   all   kind   of   ways   to   improve   our   life expectancy   and   also   all   sorts   of   commodities   that   improve   our   way   of   living.   Yet,   this   cannot   give   us   true satisfaction    and    contentment    and    ultimately    it    leads    to    a    deeper    descent    into    matter    provoking    ultimately destruction and death. We too need a new reform. Not   so   much   of   one   religion   to   be   exchanged   for   another,   such   as   replacing   Christianity   with   Islam,   but   more   of   a reformation   of   our   lower   personality   by   remembering   who   we   are   truly   meant   to   be.   Certainly,   we   must   not   revive Alchemy in its old way that would be turning back to the past. We should learn from the past, but not idealize what has been, as there is no future in that. The   Alchemical   wedding   shows   us   what   virtues   of   the   soul   are   needed   to   rise   to   a   higher   level   of   consciousness, which   is   no   joke   as   our   remaining   time   is   short.   To   say   it   in   the   terms   of   the   Alchemical   Wedding,   in   the   dark dungeon   humanity   struggles   with   itself,   to   get   the   upper   hand   and   as   the   ice   caps   of   the   poles   are   melting,   the ground water in our dungeon is rising slowly, but constantly just as our climate is changing and sea levels rise. So,   all   of   us   who   are   not   completely   dumb   and   still   can   listen   with   the   inner   ear,   can   understand   the   urgency   of   the new reform. The   reformation,   in   the   form   of   the   Alchemical   wedding,   called   for   in   the   beginning   of   the   seventeenth   century was met with great opposition. It   resulted   in   a   fierce   persecution,   and   a   call   to   hang   those   who   declared   themselves   Rosicrucian’s.   Yet,   beside   the strong   clerical   opposition,   the   Rosicrucian’s   hit   the   core   of   the   matter   as   many   people   were   in   strong   doubt   what the meaning of life could be when the church leaders were taking each other by the throat. So, there were many responses on the manifests. When   pamphlets   appeared   in   Paris   saying   the   Rosicrucian’s   were   invisibly   present,   panic   spread   among   the   civil authorities.   In   just   a   few   years’   time   more   than   1700   responses   and   comments   on   the   manifest   were   published which meant that the movement of the Rosicrucian’s was growing. Then   alas,   a   tragic   event   stopped   the   further   spreading   of   the   movement,   with   the   outbreak   of   the   30   years’   war   in 1618. This   devastating   war   ruined   large   parts   of   western   Europe,   which   meant   the   movement   fell   more   or   less   into oblivion and had to go in hiding. After   the   war,   when   peace   was   restored   (1648)   people   had   lost   all   interest   in Alchemy   and   it   was   fully   replaced   by Chemistry.   It   seemed   that   a   page   in   history   had   turned. There   was   a   new   future   on   the   horizon,   one   that   is   based   on rationalism. The new leading idea was now to tear from nature all its hidden secrets even in an aggressive way. The feeling that Nature spoke the language of God was considered ridiculous. In   the   French   revolution,   this   change   in   attitude   even   reached   a   new   height   as   by   decree,   Rationalism   became   the official state religion. We have seen to what a catastrophic society this has lead us. Be   this   as   it   may,   the   thing   is   to   understand   that   a   new   orientation   on   our   basic   values   has   become   very   urgent   and this   must   lead   to   a   new   reformation.   Still,   any   reform   always   has   to   start   on   a   day   before   Easter,   as   it   says   in   the first   line   of   the Alchemical   Wedding.      Here   we   are   informed   about   the   real   attitude   one   needs   to   possess   if   one   is destined to meet the Angel that hands out the letter of invitation. It says: On   an   evening   before   Easter   Day ,   I   sat   at   a   table,   and   having   (as   my   custom   was)   in   my   humble   prayer sufficiently   conversed   with   my   Creator,   and   considered   many   great   mysteries   (whereof   the   Father   of   Lights   his Majesty   had   shown   me   not   a   few)   and   being   now   ready   to   prepare   in   my   heart,   together   with   my   dear   Paschal Lamb,   a   small,   unleavened,   undefiled   cake;   all   of   a   sudden   arose   so   horrible   a   tempest,   that   I   imagined   no   other but that through its mighty force, the hill on which my little house was founded would fly into pieces…….. The   teachings   of   the Alchemical Wedding,   does   not   only   imply   that   the Alchemical   Road   Is   closely   related   to   Jesus and his Calvary path, but also that it has to be in the same rhythm. Many   commentators   have   suggested   that   as   the   Alchemical   wedding   started   on   the   day   before   Easter.    That   this would be the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Others suggest the Thursday. This is all a fundamental mistake. It   says   clearly   in   the   text   on   an   evening    before   Easter,   and   this   day   can   only   be   the Tuesday   before   Easter   as   in   this way the seven days of the Alchemical Wedding parallel the Calvary of Jesus. Then   the   fourth   Day   would   be   Good   Friday,   when   death   enters   on   the   scene   by   Jesus’   crucifixion   and   in   the   story by   the   death   of   the   King   and   Queen.   It   also   makes   Easter   Sunday,   the   day   of   resurrection,   the   sixth   day   in   the   story, when   the   Alchemical   wedding   unites   the   three   aspects   of   the   human   being   into   a   new   and   higher   unity.   Then   the seventh   Day   is   the   day   of   return   where   the   fruit   of   the   six   days’   transformation   is   poured   out   over   the   candidate   in the form of the Holy Ghost giving the candidate new and great powers to serve in God’s plan. This   is   what   the   Alchemical   wedding   is   all   about   and   to   the   best   of   my   abilities   I   have   tried   to   make   this   clear   in my   commentary   on   this   most   extraordinary,   exciting   and   holy   story.   It   is   my   sincere   hope   that   many   people   open their   hearts   to   this   eternal   message,   which   is   once   more   brought   to   our   attention   when   humanity   is   on   the   brink   of forgetting   its   Divine   origin   and   its   place   in   God’s   creation.   If   this   were   to   happen   or   when   a   critical   mass   of   people has   not   reached   this   insight   than,   as   our   time   is   running   out,   we   are   in   for   heavy   weather   as   the   Earth   changes   and we need to change with it. Phil den Ouden  May 2017
Synopsis of the Alchemical Wedding