T&O Download mp3 T&O Tunes

T&O_MP3.EXE = WINZIP self-extracting file with mp3 files
used in T&O Software Programs

The package contains a number of original tunes
in very different musical styles.
You can order tunes like these for your programs.

Click here to download T&O_MP3.EXE

T&O_MP3.EXE will be extracted in the directory C:\DEMO_MP3,
but you can change the directory where the tunes have to be put.

When you like to order an original tune for your software,
please use the next order-form: ORDERTUNE.TXT

The price of every original tune (approx. 6-8 secs) is fair:
only Euro 60,- (including VAT and SHIPMENT (by email))

If you have any questions please contact:
- T&O Software -
- Otto B. Wiersma -
- Groningen -
- The Netherlands -
- contact: contact-page

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