Arabdrill 19 (AD19)


Arabian Drilling Company Arabdrill 19 Jack-Up


30 September 2002


Khafji Field, Saudi Arabia




Originally named Sedneth 202 after its construction by Promet, Singapore in 1982, the AD19 was under contract to Aramco working offshore Saudi. Reports state that the jack-up was being located over a production platform when a leg appeared to buckle, causing the AD19 to collapse onto the platform. Details are vague but it appears that the production tree of the platform was sheared as a result of the accident, leading to a blowout and fire which then sank both the jack-up and the platform. Schlumberger, who owned and managed the rig, reported several injured but no fatalities, although other reports state that three men were killed when the AD19 toppled onto the platform. After being declared a total loss by the underwriters, the cause of the accident was declared as one of the legs punching-through the seabed.

The AD19 was subsequently salvaged by Rig Masters and shipped to Hamriyah, United Arab Emirates where it was held for sale. The salvaged wreck was then bought for a reported $2.5m in 2005 by Thule Drilling, a newly formed Norwegian company, to be rebuilt and renamed as Thule Power. Although the project was beset with delays, reconstruction work on the rig was all but complete by early-2008.


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