Al Mariyah


NDC Al Mariyah


15 April 2000


Umm Shaif Field, United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co.


In 2000, the jack-up Al Mariyah was on location over wellhead tower 94 in the Umm Shaif field. During cantilever skidding operations, the main deck of the jack-up collapsed, causing the cantilever deck to tilt over. The rig floor fell on to the platform below, damaging the helideck and topside module, whilst the derrick fell into the sea and sank. The main deck of the jack-up eventually came to rest floating at sea level. Of 68 workers on board, four Indian and Pakistani men died and 8 were injured. After the incident, all production wells on the platform were secured with no oil or gas leaks.

In July 2006, after lying unused for a number of years, National Drilling Company awarded a renovation contract to the Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Co. and the rig was sent to the Bahrain-based dockyard for a six month programme of refurbishment and upgrade work.


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