Bohai 2

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1. Bohai 3, similar to Bohai 2


Bohai 2 Jack-up


25 November 1979


Gulf of Bohai, off China


China Petroleum Department


The Bohai No. 2 jack-up was operated by the Ocean Oil Company and sank on 25 November 1979, resulting in the deaths of 72 out of the 74 personnel on board. The jack-up encountered a storm with force 10 winds while under tow in the Gulf of Bohai between China and Korea.

Reports state that waves washing over the main deck broke a ventilator pump free, causing it to fall and puncture a one-meter hole in the deck. Flooding of the pump-room then occurred, causing the rig to settle in the water and become less stable. The adverse weather conditions and lack of stability eventually caused the jack-up to capsize and then sink.

A number of causes were attributed to the severity of the accident, including the failure to correctly stow deck equipment prior to towing and the failure to follow standard tow procedures with regards to weather. Insufficient training for the crew on the use of lifesaving equipment and emergency evacuation procedures was also stated as the main causal factor in the high number of fatalities. The accompanying tow boat was reportedly unable to perform basic rescue operations of the crew from the water.

Salvage operations including underwater explosion and cutting were later undertaken on the Bohai 2 by Yantai Salvage company in April 1981.


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