Hurricane Dennis 2005


BP Thunderhorse


10 July 2005


Gulf of Mexico


Reported by BP as the largest offshore platform ever built, BP's Thunder Horse was constructed in South Korea before being transported to the Thunder Horse Field in the Mississippi Canyon Block in the Gulf of Mexico. It is an oil and gas production platform linked to 25 subsea wells, and is planned to be the largest producer in the Gulf.

Production was initially scheduled to begin at the end of 2005, but this has been delayed due to a ballast control incident around the time of Hurricane Dennis. As the Dennis approached the Gulf of Mexico in July 2005, the rig was secured and the crew evacuated. After Dennis had passed, the rig was found listing an estimated 20-30 degrees. Subsequent inspection found that key valves had failed and allowed ballast water to move inside the platform. Salvage personnel from Bisso Marine and BP boarded the rig on 11 July 2005 and, using powerful portable pumps, removed water from the platform's 185 foot portside columns and stabilised the installation. As a result, production was delayed whilst repairs were undertaken, with the start of production operations expected in 2007.


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