Incident Fatalities
Alexander L. Kielland Alexander L. Kielland
In 1980, the semi-submersible accommodation rig Alexander L. Kielland capsized during a storm after a leg support brace failed.
Al Mariyah Al Mariyah
Whilst skidding the rig cantilever, the jack-up Al Mariyah collapsed and lost its derrick onto the platform below.
Maersk Victory Maersk Victory
A punch-through caused extensive damage to the Maersk Victory while working in Australian waters in 1996.
Ocean Prince Ocean Prince
The UK-built semi-sub Ocean Prince, finder of the first UK offshore oil, broke up off England's east coast during a storm in 1967.
Parker 14-J Parker 14-J Drilling Barge
Failure of the jacking mechanism caused the Parker rig to collapse in 2003.
Ranger I Ranger I
After being jacked up on location in 1979, the rig Ranger I collapsed due to fatigue in the stern leg.
Sea Gem Sea Gem
One of the first drilling rigs in the North Sea, the Sea Gem collapsed in 1965 as a result of metal fatigue.
Transocean 3
A rare self-elevating semi-submersible, the Transocean III capsized and sank East of Orkney after a jackable leg broke away in 1974.

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