Most Expensive Accidents

Incident Cost (2002 US$)
Piper Alpha 1. Piper Alpha
Occidental's Piper Alpha platform was destroyed by explosion and fire in 1988. 167 workers were killed in the blaze.
Petrobras P36 2. Petrobras P36
In 2001, an explosion destabilised the P36 production rig in the Campos Basin, Brazil, eventually causing it to sink.
Enchova Central 3. Enchova Central
Petrobras' Enchova PCE-1 Platform suffered twice with blowouts and fire in both 1984 and 1988, ending with the loss of the platform in 1988.
Sleipner A Platform 4. Sleipner A
A design error resulted in the structural failure in 1991 of the gravity base unit of the original Sleipner A platform.
5. Mississippi Canyon 311 A (Bourbon)
In 1987, the Mississippi Canyon 311 A Bourbon platform in the Gulf of Mexico was tilted to one side by an extensive underground blowout.
Mighty Servant 2 6. Mighty Servant 2
The Mighty Servant 2 struck a rock and sank off Indonesia whilst carrying platform modules in 1999.
Mumbai High North 7. Mumbai (Bombay) High North
A support vessel collided with Mumbai High North in 2005, rupturing a riser and causing a major fire which destroyed the platform.
$195,000,000 (2005)
Steelhead Platform 8. Steelhead Platform
A blowout in 1987 led to six months of trouble for the Steelhead Platform, resulting in fire and extensive platform damage.
9. Name not known
1993: Explosion and fire destroyed a platform control room and damaged adjacent platforms on Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, with eleven fatalites.
Petronius Module 10. Petronius A
In 1998, a crane load line broke while lifting the south topside module of the Petronius platform, dropping the module into the Gulf of Mexico.


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