Deadliest Accidents

Incident Fatalities
Piper Alpha 1. Piper Alpha
Occidental's Piper Alpha platform was destroyed by explosion and fire in 1988. 167 workers were killed in the blaze.
Alexander L. Kielland 2. Alexander L. Kielland
In 1980, the accommodation rig Alexander L. Kielland capsized during a storm after a leg support brace failed.
Seacrest Drillship 3. Seacrest Drillship
The Seacrest drillship capsized in 1989 during Typhoon Gay, with the loss of 91 crew.
Ocean Ranger 4. Ocean Ranger
A ballast control malfunction caused the Ocean Ranger to capsize during a ferocious storm in the North Atlantic in 1982, with the loss of all hands.
Glomar Java Sea Drillship 5. Glomar Java Sea Drillship
Another storm fatality, the Glomar Java Sea capsized and sank during Typhoon Lex in 1983 with the loss of all on board.
Bohai 2 6. Bohai 2
In 1979, the jack-up Bohai 2 capsized and sank in a storm while on tow off the coast of China.
Brent Field Helicopter 7. Brent Field Chinook Helicopter
A Chinook helicopter shuttle between the Brent Field and Sumburgh crashed into the North Sea in 1986 with only two survivors.
Enchova Central 8. Enchova Central
During a blowout on the Enchova Central off Brazil, 42 workers lost their lives attempting to evacuate the platform.
9- C. P. Baker Drilling Barge
Built in 1962 using an uncommon catamaran design, the C. P. Baker drilling barge burned and sank after a shallow gas blowout.
Mumbai High North 9- Mumbai (Bombay) High North
A support vessel collided with Mumbai High North in 2005, rupturing a riser and causing a major fire that destroyed the platform.
Usumacinta blowout 9- Usumacinta
Storm winds caused the Usumacinta jack-up to strike the adjacent Kab-101 platform, resulting in a fatal evacuation and blowout in 2007.


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