Mr. Bice


Mr. Bice Jack-up


June 1998


Gulf of Mexico


Rig move


The 4,000 ton jack-up rig Mr. Bice encountered bad weather in June 1998, 15 miles southwest of Grand Isle, La. while on tow to a new drilling location. The rig suffered structural failure and flooding which caused the capsize and eventual sinking of the rig.

In 1998, Bisso Marine Co. began the salvage of the rig, attempting to right and re-float the rig. A sequence of hurricanes, beginning with Hurricane Earl in September 1998, disrupted operations and caused severe damage to rig with the hull buckling and shearing off from the port bow and jacking towers, and embedding the port side in the seabed mud. Due to the damage, attempts to salvage the rig intact were abandoned and the rig was cut into 9 sections then transported away by barge.


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