Mighty Servant 2


Mighty Servant 2 Heavy Lift Ship


02 November 1999


Singkep, Indonesia






One of the few heavy-lift ships capable of transporting the largest semi-subs and jackups, the Mighty Servant 2 had been in service for almost 16 years by the time of its demise. Heavy-lift ships are typically moved alongside their cargo and then partially submerged, allowing their cargos to be floated onto the cargo deck. The Mighty Servant 2's most famous transport was the U.S. Navy's USS Samuel B. Roberts frigate, which was transported from the Persian Gulf back to the U.S. after suffering damage from a mine.

In 1999, the Mighty Servant 2 capsized near the Indonesian island of Singkep off the coast of Sumatra after striking a previously uncharted rock pinnacle in 32m of water. The ship was carrying production modules fabricated in Korea for the North Nemba project in Angola. Although the accident occurred on a calm day with flat seas, the Mighty Servant capsized within four minutes resulting in five fatalities.

The vessel was declared a total loss by its insurance underwriters and was sold for scrap. In November 2000, it arrived in Alang, India where it was broken up - a sad end to a great ship.


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