Parker 14-J


Parker 14-J Jack-up Barge


11 September 2003


Chandeleur Area, Gulf of Mexico


Manti Operating Company


The drilling barge 14-J, owned by the Parker Drilling Company, was jacking up at new location when a problem arose with the number 2 jacking motor on the starboard bow leg. Jacking operations ceased and repair operations commenced, where a chock block was inserted to prevent movement of the jacking cogs and the defective motor was removed. Whilst easing the weight onto the chock block, gears on the number 1 jacking motor starting turning causing the starboard side of the barge to lower. The aft starboard leg brakes then failed causing the rig to fall onto its starboard side.

Several men, including the crane operator, were injured during the collapse as personnel were being transferred onto the rig from a crew boat by crane. Most of the forty-one crew were picked up by nearby vessels, with two crew airlifted by the Coast Guard to a Gulfport Hospital.


MMS Incident Report
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