Sea Quest


Sea Quest Semi-sub


17 January 1980


Warri, Nigeria




One of the first rigs to work in the UK sector, the Sea Quest was built by Belfast-based Harland and Wolff and launched 07 January 1967. Originally built as the Sedco 135C, the rig was renamed Sea Quest and worked in the late 1960s for Amoco. It made the first commercial oil find in the North Sea when the Arbroath Field was discovered in 1969 and went on to drill the massive Montrose and Forties Fields.

After working for a decade in the North Sea, the rig was renamed Sedco 135C in 1977 and towed to the west coast of Africa. For the next three years, the rig worked offshore Nigeria until 17 January 1980, when the well blew out while drilling for Texaco in the Warri area. The crew were evacuated, after which the blowout caught fire causing extensive fire damage to the Sea Quest. The decision was made to dispose of the rig and it was towed out to sea then scuttled and sunk in deep water.


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