1809 – ’10

by Geert van Uythoven



The ‘Korps Israëlieten’ was a short-lived initiative by King Louis Bonaparte of the Kingdom of Holland, to find yet another source of much-needed manpower for the Dutch army.


The corps was raised 8 July 1809, by uniting al Jewish soldiers from other Dutch regiments. When there would be eight full-strength companies, these would be combined to form a battalion. When the 2nd battalion would be on full strength, both battalions would be combined into a regiment, which would received a number successive of the other infantry regiment, i.e. receiving No.10. They would wear the uniform of the former 2e Regiment Jagers (this regiment had been incorporated into the 3e Regiment Jagers on 1 March 1807, the number remaining vacant), i.e. green with light blue facings. However, it is doubtful if the light blue facings were ever worn; yellow is more probable. I have no evidence however that the Korps Israelieten would be a light infantry unit, which is especially doubtful as they were numbered successive with the line infantry!


The plan was abandoned on 2 May 1810, as only few Jewish had come forward. The few men present were discharged, or incorporated into the 1e Regiment Jagers.


© Geert van Uythoven