Totally Nest is geboren 03-04-2018

Van de volgende combinatie hebben wij puppies.
2 Reuen en 3 Teven.
Er is nog 1 reutje beschikbaar.
De pups zullen genetisch PRA (rcd-4) & CA Clear zijn.
Neem gerust vrijblijvend contact met ons op via de email.

Totally Litter is born 03-04-2018

From the following combination we have puppies.
2 Boys and 3 Girls.
We have 1 male available.

The pups will be genetic Clear of PRA (rcd-4) & CA.
Feel free to contact us by email if there are any questions.

I'am The Only One v.d. Mergelhoeve
Dutch Champion
Luxembourg Champion
German VDH Champion
International Show Champion
Dutch Junior Champion
Dutch Veteran Champion
Clubwinner 2011 + BIS
Cubwinner 2013 + BIS
Clubwinner 2015 + BIS + Best Veteran 
Europa Jugend Sieger 2008
Europa Sieger 2009
Brussels Winner 2009
Landes Sieger from Landesgruppe Hessen-Pfalz-Saar 2009
Rheinland Sieger 2009
Kassel Sieger 2009
Rheinland Sieger 2013
Winner 2013 + Crufts Qualification
Benelux Winner NL & BE 2015 + Crufts Qualification 2016
Amsterdam Veteran Winner 2015
Benelux Veteran Winner BE 2015 + Crufts Qualification 2016
Belgian Veteran Winner 2015
Bundes-Veteranensieger 2015
Herbst-Veteranensieger 2015

PRA (rcd-4) CLEAR
Cerebellar Degeneration CLEAR

Mrs. Nina v.d. Mergelhoeve

Nina is naar diverse shows geweest waar zij
Uitmuntende resultaten heeft behaald
Nina went to several shows where she got excellent results.
PRA (rcd-4) CLEAR
Cerebellar Degeneration CLEAR

Stamboom / Pedigree Junior x Nina

I Am The Only One v.d. Mergelhoeve EJS'08,NJK,ESG'09,LS'09,Rhl.S'09,
Kassel Sieger'09, CW'11
PRA (rcd-4) & CA CLEAR

VDH Ch. Warchant Twilight Bolero BSG'08
PRA (rcd-4) Clear

Aust Ch/Am Ch
Brodruggan Black Knight

Ch. Am. Can.NZ. Ch.Triseter Ebonie Nirvana

 Ch. Tahtan Blac Magic

Ch Warchant Owl On The Wing

Am.Ch. Sandpipers Blockade Runner

Ch. Warchant Hilan Belle

NL.Ch.. Freebooter Sophy v.d. Mergelhoeve W'05, CW'06, ESG'07
PRA Clear

NL.Ch. Esquire Sam v. 't Blockhuijs
W''01, NVK

Locust Grove's Michigan Myst

Lady Aisha v. 't Blockhuijs

NL.Ch. Crazy Pebbles v.d Mergelhoeve W'00

NL.Ch. Lord Benji of the Blossonfield W'98-99-00

NL.Ch. Passoa v. 't Blockhuijs W'98


Mrs. Nina v.d. Mergelhoeve

Karrelene's Special Boy For Europe NJK,JW'10,BJW'10,CW'12,PW'12,BW'12

BIS Am/Can/Mex/Int'l World 99 Ch.UKC.Ch.
Duurstede's Mactarnahan

BIS BISS Can/Am.Ch. Sandpiper's Blockade Runner Can CD

Can.Ch Tamarod Anna Pavlova

Warchant Penelope AD CD RN JH

Aust.Ch. Warchant Stormy Petrel

Aust.Ch. Algara Jadzia Dax

Happy Bonnie Lass v.d. Mergelhoeve CW'09,ESG'10,W'11

Freeminds Chance

Lourdace Crispin

Ludstar Marbella

Freebooter Sophy v.d. Mergelhoeve
W'05, CW'06, ESG'07

NL.Ch. Esquire Sam v. 't Blockhuijs W'01,NVK

NL.Ch. Crazy Pebbles v.d Mergelhoeve W'00

Stamboom namen

De Reuen:
Totally Dutch  v.d. Mergelhoeve = Zwarte Reu
Totally Different v.d. Mergelhoeve = Blauwe Reu

De Teven:
Totally Amazing v.d. Mergelhoeve = Witte Teef
Totally Crazy v.d. Mergelhoeve = Rode Teef 
Totally Kinky v.d. Mergelhoeve = Oranje Teef 

Pedigree names

The Boys:
Totally Dutch  v.d. Mergelhoeve = Black Boy
Totally Different v.d. Mergelhoeve = Blue Boy

The Girls:
Totally Amazing v.d. Mergelhoeve = White Girl
Totally Crazy v.d. Mergelhoeve = Red Girl
Totally Kinky v.d. Mergelhoeve = Orange Girl

Pups 2 dagen oud / Pups 2 days old

Pups 6 dagen oud / Pups 6 days old

Pups 1 week oud / Pups 1 week old

Pups 1 week oud / Pups 1 week old

Pups 9 dagen oud / Pups 9 days old

Pups 2 weken oud / Pups 2 weeks old

Pups 18 dagen oud / Pups 18 days old

Pups 23 dagen oud / Pups 23 days old

Pups 24 dagen oud / Pups 24 days old

Pups 25 dagen oud eten pap / Pups 25 days old eating porrige

Pups 29 dagen oud / Pups 29 days old

Pups 31&32 dagen oud / Pups 31&32 days old

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