Here are two TTS generated haikus in lojban

morning freshness
the trees weep
long shadows

vifne cergusni
i le tricu cu klaku
le clani ctino


morning |<wav 240k
full expectation 
I remember lost summers
around me, the snow

selmorji ba'a
mi le crisa ca le nu
ru'u mi snime

snow |< wav 160k
source www Alfred W. Tueting


An other poem . .

A prayer

O Sun, may thou take care of the spirit

May the spirit be loving and happy

O Moon, may thou take care of the mind

May the mind be relaxed and aware

O Fire, may thou take care of the body

May the body be healthy and strong

pa jdaselsk

.i .e'o doi solri ko kurji ro'i

.i .e'o le pruxi cu prami je gleki

.i .e'o doi lunra ko kurji ro'e

.i .e'o le menli cu surla je sanji

.i .e'o doi fagri ko kurji ro'o

.i .e'o le xadni cu kanro je tsali

a  prayer |< wav 670k

Source www: Arnt Richard Johansen
The prayer and the morning haiku were produced using the Rosa spanish voice of AT&T natural voices.
The snow haiku was made using the L&H barbara Italian voice.