Blitz for the masses...
Blitz tips, code, etc...
On this page you can find code, links to additions I made to the Blitz Code Archives and, well, who knows?

Blitz 3d source

Particle Engine 1.1 - a sprite based particle system [download]
Use this engine to create your own particle effects. I have added some custom emitters to this source, like fire columns and smoke circles. The source is commented so you should be able to work things out, ok?

Dynamic shadow casting on terrains - using UV coordinates [ Code Archive]
Static shadow casting on terrains - by modifying the lightmap texture [ Code Archive]

Blitz Plus source and tools

GUIde - a GUI designer for BlitzPlus [demo and ordering information]
GUIde is a tool which will enable you to create a GUI (graphical user interface) for your BlitzPlus application with ease...

GRIB 1.0 - a 2d grid library [download]
With this little library you can create and interact with 2d grids in no time. Just run the included example to see how it works!

Foldable menus - just like 3dsmax [ Code Archive]

UltraEdit macros and configurations

So you want to use UltraEdit to edit your Blitz source? Good choice! To find out how to configure UE so you can use it, go to this page. After that, get this file which contains my macros, wordfiles, shortcuts and helpfiles. You will need it if you want to use any of the macros below.

In the file you will find a blitzmacros.MAC file which contains several macros ready for use. You can load these macros into UltraEdit by using the Macro / Load menu. Some of the macros depend on tools, these are mentioned in the macro explanations below.

Compile: This macro comes in three flavours: normal compile, compile with debug and compile exe. Each of these macros will first check the active file to see if it is a Blitz+ or Blitz3D source. It does this by checking the file extension. I save my Blitz+ code with the extension *.bp, instead of *.bb, which I use for Blitz3d source. After that it runs the correct UE tool. The tool will then run the correct batch file, which in turn will set the blitzpath variable, and run the correct compiler command.
This macro will not try to compile includes, if you put ;INCLUDE on the first line of the source.

You will have to create the three tools, and name them as seen in the corresponding macros. These are the tools used by the macros:

compile BlitzPlus:
Z:\bplus.bat "e:\blitzplus\bin\blitzcc.exe" "%f"

compile BlitzPlus with debug:
Z:\bplus.bat "e:\blitzplus\bin\blitzcc.exe" -d "%f"

compile BlitzPlus Executable:
Z:\bplus.bat "e:\blitzplus\bin\blitzcc.exe" -o "%p%n".exe "%f"

compile Blitz3D:
Z:\b3d.bat "c:\blitz3d\bin\blitzcc.exe" "%f"

So for the other Blitz style you change the bat file and the compiler path. Make sure the paths in the batches are correct for your Blitz installation.

Fold Code: This macro will fold the following code sections: For..Next, While..Wend, Function..End Function, Type..End Type, Select..End Select, If..Endif, regions and commented codeblocks. Just put your cursor on the first line of the code section to be folded, and press your keyboard shortcut.

Regioning is a quick way to fold large sections of code. A region looks like this:

All code between the region tags will be folded.

Quick Help: This macro will show the options of the command the cursor is over, like when you press F1 in the Blitz IDE. It will show this in the output window, so be sure to turn that on. This macro uses a tool, which should be configured as below:

Tool commandline: agrep -i -V0 "^%sel% " help.txt
Tool options: Output to listbox, Capture Output
Working Directory: folder containing agrep.exe and help.txt

Make sure to name the tool as seen in the macro. You can update the helpfile by using the compiler commandline: blitzcc +k > help3d.txt. Afterwards you should alfa-sort it to prevent problems with commands which begin the same.

Shortcut: This macro will allow you to use shortcuts for longer Blitz commands. Change the path in the macro to point to the position where you put the shortcut.txt file. You can update the shortcuts by adding new entries to the list.

More coming soon... Thanks to MasterBeaker and dmaz for the help.