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Thrust Deluxe
Game info:
Thrust Deluxe is a remake of the classic C64 game Thrust. Thrust itself was based upon the Atari arcade game Gravitar.

In Thrust you must guide your spaceship through increasingly difficult caves to collect the valuable Klystron Pods. After locating the pod, you must attach it to your ship and make your way up again, all the time battling the planet's gravity and the Empire's defensive systems, while keeping track of your fuel supply. Once you have beaten all six levels, the game restarts but adds the extra challenge of reverse gravity and invisible levels.

To say that Thrust is a hard game may be true, especially looking at todays games difficulty levels. But, once mastered it is great game to play.

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Added features:
Thrust Deluxe is the original Thrust in all its glory, but with more levels and more features. Here are some:

  • Six extra levels
  • Defensive lasers
  • Pilots to rescue
  • Destroyable walls
  • Level password system
  • Selectable screen resolution
  • Customisable control keys
  • Parallax backdrop
  • Hiscore save
  • Multiple level demo mode
  • Rob Hubbard title tune remix

    Version info:
    The current version is release 1.02.

    PII200 or up, DirectX7 or up, Win9x/2000/XP.

    Get the game directly from here: (872k)
    ...or from the Blitz Coder Showcase where you can also leave comments about the game.

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    What gamers have to say about Thrust Deluxe:
    Here you can read comments I recieved about Thrust Deluxe, so you can decide if you want to download the game yes or no.

    Hi !
    A friend of mine pointed out your Thrust game to me. Thrust was one of my favourite C64 games, so I found your Deluxe version highly entertaining !
    I think you've done a marvelous job ! The feel was right and your additional features were also very entertaining !
    Many thanks for this GREAT game, and keep up the good work !

    Best wishes,
    Odd H. Sandvik