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At this page you can order items made by "The Voyeur" over the last couple of years.
Some items are very limited but still available.

Select the items you want to order and fill in the form at the bottom of this page.
We'll do the rest.

All prices are including post and packing.

Netherlands: 10,00
Europe: 12,50 or US $ 16,75
Outside Europe: 15,00 or US $ 20,00

Order this beautiful high quality cotton T-shirt with 'Voyeur' print.
Available in size M, L, XL and XXL.

Netherlands: 2,50
Europe: 3,00 or US $ 4,00
Outside Europe: 3,50 or US $ 4,70

Order this black plastic key chain with Sound and Vision Tour print.

This long-drink glass with high quality print was a present from "The Voyeur" to everyone who attended the 2001 fanclub meeting. Because of the high risk of breaking during shipment these glasses can only be bought at fanclub meetings.

There are several ways to make payments to "The Voyeur".

For cash payments please use the address below

International David Bowie Fanclub "The Voyeur"
PO Box 20
1679 ZG Midwoud
The Netherlands

For bank payments please use our Fortis bankaccountnumber in Midwoud.
Payments trough Paypal can be made on our emailaddress thevoyeur@home.nl

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