Yuri Buteijn was born on 30 August 1985.

He graduated Cum Laude in the department of Architecture, Building and Planning [specialization: Architecture] at Eindhoven University of Technology [NL] in 2012, after achieving a Bachelor's degree in the Department of Architecture and Construction Engineering at Zuyd University in Heerlen [NL] in 2008.

His graduation project ‘Bridgehead - KAR [Kongresshalle am Rhein] Cologne’ has been presented during the Dutch Design Week 2012 and has been published in the yearbook ‘Built Environment 2011 2012’ [ISBN: 9789462080331].


2013 | Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists
Amsterdam & Maastricht, Netherlands
Office of Architecture and Urban Planning

2013 | OASUS
Maastricht, Netherlands
Office for Architectural Solutions and Urban Strategies

2007 | Architecten aan de Maas
Maastricht, Netherlands
Office of Architecture

2006 | RO groep B.V.
2005   Maastricht, Netherlands
Building advice bureau

2005 | Gulikers Architecten
Maastricht, Netherlands
Office of Architecture

Worked on several projects including:
|  Schematic design phase for luxury real estate project Aachen [DE]
|  Various design competitions for public- and office-buildings in
   Heerlen, Rotterdam and Tilburg [NL]
|  Dousberg Maastricht [NL] [part of Maastricht International Golf]
|  Geusselt Maastricht [NL]


Experience in using the following software on Windows and Mac OS X based systems:

|  Autodesk AutoCAD
|  Autodesk Revit
|  Rhinoceros NURBS modeling [inc. Grasshopper 3D Plugin]
|  Arkey Systems
|  Google SketchUp Pro
|  ASGVIS VRay for SketchUp
|  Adobe Illustrator
|  Adobe InDesign
|  Adobe Photoshop
|  Apple iWork
|  Microsoft Office
|  Microsoft Project

Other skills include HTML based webdesign and general computer knowledge [hard- & software].