-The Classic Zoltar CNC-Machine for the future.

It started all with this the XL version of the classic Zoltar getting 850 mm working length out of it.

Here showing Bernd Reich his XL-machine who does build beautiful gliders.

Now by the end of 2006 I still feel that this is a very decent setup and inspired by the bracket machine
and the past experiments with dual drive screws on a 1200mm XL setup (in use for a long time now) exploring maximums table length

Back in 2007 I gave it a try to enhance and update the classic design...
but found that the Igus concept would be more feaseble.
The additional IGUS parts -would raise of costs would make it less interresting to market it

After reviewing the Igus build of Peter Pankras, I was amazed by the sturdiness of the frame/setup.

Would it be possible to beat the IGUS linear rails with a modified 2001 classic rail system?

The awnser is Yes it is possible, shown here in the 2011-CL design !



 Features of the all new 100% redesigned Classic 2011

- with 4-times as much cutting area as the original -

Working range standard: X-750mm Y-550mm Z-90mm
optional: X-1000mm Y-550mm Z-90mm

-Structure 100% stainless steel.
-Ballscrew drive all axis - alternatively Trapezium screws still possible
-Traveling speeds using ballscrews up to 60 mm per second.
- Aiming at 0,1mm repeating accuracy or better.
-Standard 43mm mount rotary tool like Kress .
-Available as a kitset, no worries about lasercutters or lasercuttingresults.
-Lock-in slide mount of the components

Electronics: 2,5Amps controller four channels
Using four 1,5Nm -Nema 23 sized stepper on X-Y-Z
(X-axis dual drive mechanicaly joined by toothbelt)

so far this journey - The classic lasercut design is ready for the future.....

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