-The classic Zoltar CNC-Machines since 2001
history & future!

Just an unbeatable design for people who do not:
- own the master skills to work with metal
- have a well equipped workshop
- afford expensive rails!




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project downloads:
Rotary 1 - Mabuchi 600 - 150W (PDF)

 much too long ago....
Rotary 2 - 10 Euro fressa - 600-800W (PDF)

 10 euro frase.pdf
Rotary 3 - experimental HF spindle - 200W (PDF)

Rotary 4 -  Flex-spindle - for small tools -

 Andreas Kanner.pdf
Tablemount Dirk (PDF) - used worldwide!-

PCB- engraving with PCNC (PDF)

Zeroing tool with PCNC (PDF)

Compact flash harddisk for DOS-PCNC (PDF)


Some suitable sources from the so many available these days :
 Steppers in NL

 Mechanical linear parts in NL www.igus.de www.elcee.nl
 Ball-screws NL

eichenberger A&A techniek
 Trapezium-screws NL

 Mechmate Plasmacutter plan - pignion and rack

  Interresting forum too!
 3D CAM - SMC 1500 /step diirection - machine software!

Loek Puts

Other interesting references I found on the web:


Zoltar - "Originals":
Oscar who uses my standard classic with success - 2001 number one prototype !
Dirk - good work! Thanks for your support over these years!
adapted plan
Italian kitbuilder Andrea - well done showing the steps! and also his results

Modified cloners (spinoffs and lookalikes):
Oscar - he uses the classic concept for a big machine-
good work showing the capability of the classic linear system
In need for a very nice but expensive clone from
Dominics Classic machine, flat Igus rail modified - building

Just an amazingbeautifull crafted machine along many interesting electronics projects

Andrea showing the accuracy results with the standard rail....

So why make it even more expensive....?